Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions is a nice page where we respond to your "Frequently Asked Questions", so you don't have to look stupid whenever asking in a Support Channel.

How can I invite Cookie?

You can invite Cookie by either doing $invitein the Support Server or Clicking This to get to the invite page. Remember that you can invite Cookie to more than one server.

How can I make an account with Cookie?

You can do the following command to register an account to Cookie $start. Enjoy! But if you already have an account this is what it will give you when you try again.

What is Cookie's prefix?

The default prefix of Cookie is $, but you can change the default prefix by doing the following command $prefix <newValue>.

Why the heck is Cookie offline?

If you see Cookie offline it is either a Discord Outage, Bot Maintenance, or an unknown reason that you should report to the Support Server if it is not reported already.

The bot should be online at all times. We usually don't have downtime; that is if Discord is actually behaving itself and is wanting to have amazing ping.

Why does my account have a "-" in front of my level experience and progress percentage?

This is an unknown bug within the bot, if you have this in your profile, please join the Support Server and tell us in the #support channel, so that way we can fix it for you.

How can I donate to Cookie and receive premium?

We love everyone that donates and helps keep Cookie alive. You can donate by either doing $donate, donate in the Support Server, or by Clicking This.

How do I receive crates?

Well, there is a lot of ways you could get crates from the bot. #1. You can prestige and get 2 bronze crates. #2. You can Vote Here for the bot to get 1 voter crate. #3. You can Donate Here to start getting bronze, silver, and gold crates from baking X amount of times. We thank you if you do decide to donate to Cookie.